Elevation of the Holy Cross


Tomorrow is a day dedicated to celebration of Holly Cross . A day that celebrates paradox . Cross , for centuries was a way and weapon of slowly killing worst offenders , and it was a symbol of shame . A Son of God was crucified on cross . From a symbol of shame , it became symbol of joy . We do not honor the cross as a weapon that killed our Lord . We celebrate cross as a weapon that over powered and defeated death itself . Paradox again . Voluntarily , God chose death , for our sake , so we could have a chance for life in and within him - eternal life . We do not kiss and give respect to cross because of its material or shape it is made of . We honor the cross and we respect it (by kissing) , because in that way we acknowledge and honor the sacrifice Christ took for us by being killed upon it , and at the same time we are taking our own cross upon ourselves .

Without any grunting or grief , we feel gratitude towards God for all good and all bad that we go trough just because we choose to be loyal to the Truth .

Cross represents a meeting (point) of God and Human , Human and Human that is why it has line of vertical and horizontal bonding .

On a day of veneration of Holly Cross we fast , as a visible sigh of respect and gratitude to God , a small, humble , yet deep rooted in hart feat . A cross itself , does not protect us as a magical symbol , talisman - magic and Christian faith are diametrically opposed , and have nothing in common .

How ever , God himself protects us trough cross , but it all has great foundation and base in our Faith and Love , and his measure in abundance of Love and Mercy . At the times we feel sad , abandoned over powered by worries , we should keep in our mind that even God himself went trough same feelings and situations , he himself experienced the same . We should never forget that God is with us at all the times , even in worries and difficulties , if all our efforts are justified in nobility , love and care .

Veneration of a Holly Cross is a day dedicated to all of us . We all have and carry our cross .

It would be empowering and encouraging if we were able to help each other's more often , to carry a burden on our own strength .

Glory to God on his love and sacrifice (for us )!

Thanks on life (eternal ) guaranteed ! May we celebrate this day for many years to come !

Translated by  Vanja Zivanic Villasin